Help with Last Minute Gifts Chevron Scarf?

I’m attempting my first Chevron scarf. The pattern looks simple enough. I am familiar with the stitches involved. I must be reading the pattern incorrectly, though because I end up with too few stitches in each row due to the decreases I’m using.

Row 1:Change to B. [k2tog] 4 times, *[kf&b) 8 times, [k2tog] 8 times; repeat from *, ending last repeat {k2tog} 4 times.

The next three rows are purl, knit, purl rows so they are straight forward. However, when I come back to repeat Row 1, do I start with the [k2tog] 4 times or just complete the stitches inside the *? If I continue to add the “[k2tog] 4 times”, I shorten the row each time and will end up with a very thin scarf, correct?

I hope I’ve explained my confusion correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!:think:

The kfb 8 times increases your sts to offset the k2tog decreases. So yes, repeat all of row 1 every time you do it. If you’ve knit the row and have less sts, you’re missing increases or doing too many decreases somewhere.

As I understand it, [B]ending last repeat {k2tog} 4 times.[/B] would mean you start the regular repeat [KFB] 8 times then option to [k2tog] 4 times (instead of 8) on the last repeat, that way the starting [k2tog] 4 times is balanced by the 8 increase of the last repeat an the 4 decreases of the end.

My guess is you followed the 8 dec of the last repeat with 4 dec leaving you 8 sts short after row 1.

the pattern begins by dec 4 (-4) then repeat of (+8-8) so finish with a (+8-4) for an even par on the stitch count for row 1.