Help with Lacy Round Dishcloth

I have just finished knitting Rhonda K. White’s “Lacy Round Dishcloth.” I did the binding off after knitting the extra row she suggested, and then the instructions say to draw center together and then sew up the seam. I don’t know how to draw the center together to make sure there is no hole in the center of the dishcloth.

I have done several baby hats (on 2 needles, not in the round) where on the last row, instead of binding off, you cut the thread and draw it through all the remaining stitches that are on the needle to close the top of the hat, then sew up the back seam of the hat from the top down to the hat’s rim.

I just don’t get how to close the circle in the center of the dishcloth before I sew up the seam. Can anyone help? Thanks!

I suppose you could pull your yarn through those stitches with a tapestry needle and pull it closed like a drawstring.

Thanks so much; that’s kind of what I was thinking. I left a really long tail of yarn when I put it through the loop of my last stitch, so I should have plenty to run it through the edge of the stitches to “drawstring” the circle, and then sew up the seam.