Help with knot in chained edge!

Hello! So I’m very new to knitting, I’m working on my second project ever right now :slight_smile: It’s a scarf done with a k1 p1 rib stitch, and I’ve been slipping the first stitch/knitting the last stitch of each row for a chained edge, but I have these weird knots in a few places on the scarf! I think I figured out the problem, which was that I probably had my working yarn in the back, instead of the front when I slipped the stitch a few times. Is there any way that I can fix this? All of the knots are pretty far down in the knitting by now.

I think–think, mind you–you can drop that edge stitch to the mistake and chain it up again. I could have sworn i had to do that once and it worked.

Thank you! I was thinking I might give that a shot. Would you mind explaining to me, or perhaps pointing me to a tutorial or something for how to do that with a slipped stitch? I can only find tutorials for reworking regular stitches, and I’m afraid I might mess it up!

Personally I don’t like to mess with the edge stitches, but you can try. I’d probably just let it go or rip back.

Oh, is it really hard to do well? I don’t want to mess anything up, and it’s way too far down now to completely redo.

Well, it’s never worked out well for me personally, but it’s supposed to be doable. Here’s a few links.

When I need to fix an edge stitch I drop it and one or two more. Reworking 2 or 3 sts, including the edge st, works out well for me. I put them on a needle (I prefer double points for this but it’s possible with others) and work them with the right strand of yarn with another needle. In this instance I would the k1, p1 in pattern to the end of the row, turn the work, slip the first stitch and then work the remaining dropped down stitches on the wrong side, turn and repeat until I’m back to where my working yarn is. The edge stitch is worked as it would be originally and looks like it should. Don’t just drop a lot of stitches and try to fix your scarf, try it on a practice piece first. Or say, hey, if someone notices it’s their problem and leave it as is.