Help with knitting with DPNs

Hi. I am a fairly new knitter and I find myself usually knitting quite tightly. I am currently knitting my second pair of mittens and have noticed that my edge is a little loose when joining in the loop. May I know how I can rectify this problem? Pictures of mittens knitted by other people seem to have a uniform edge while mine is a little wonky. I have tried pulling as hard as possible when joining but the issue still comes up on every mitten I knit. Is there any special technique or tutorial I can follow?



When joining in the rounds, most knitters use some special techniques to hide the jog that is created. I usually drop off the first stitch, then with my left needle pick up the last stitch from the right needle and finally I pick up the earlier dropped stitch by using the right needle. Thus the last stitch became the first and the first stitch became the last. Now just tighten up a bit by pulling both tail and working yarn and begin knitting in the rounds.

Another popular method is to cast on one too much on the first needle. Then when you have done the cast on you move the first stitch (from the left needle) over to the right needle. There you pull the last stitch over this stitch that you just moved there and you are back to the original amount of stitches. Pull both working yarn and tail tight and begin knitting in the rounds.


Thanks! Let me restart my mitten tonight. I managed to find some picture tutorials online as well which will be very helpful!