Help with knitting terms

Kay so I’m new to knitting. Last summer I made a simple scarf with matching hat, and I’m as usual, skipping over steps and overestimating my learning capabilities. So I went and bought a knitting book and I don’t understand half of the instructions. Can someone clarify exactly what I need to do to finish this pattern?

Here’s the line thats confusing me the most:
“knit 2 together before the first stitch marker and after the second stitch marker; 22 stitches remain”

I set up the markers (or rather, some makeshift ones I used) and I know what knit means, but what exactly is it telling me to do with the stitches. Do I just proceed to the next row and leave those stitches on the other needle rather than completing the row or what?

The markers are just like a bookmark. It tells you where in the pattern you need to decrease.

So knit until there are 2 stitches left before the first marker, then knit those two together. Slip the marker from one needle to the other, then knit to the next marker. Slip it, then knit 2 together and knit to the end. You will have decreased 2 stitches and should have 22 stitches left.

Markers go on the needle and mark spots where you inc or dec or set off stitch patterns (like in lace). Do exactly what the line says - knit until you’re 2 sts before the marker, knit those two tog, slip the marker to the other needle, then knit to the next marker and slip that. Then knit 2 tog and finish the row.

Thanks so much! Thats so much clearer now :muah: