Help with knitting tension please

I’m new to Knitting Help and am hoping that some of you more experienced knitters will be able to advise me on my problem. I’d like to make a fair isle baby sweater from an older Paton’s pattern that is written to be knitted with their Astra yarn. The knitting tension in the pattern book is 22 stitches and 30 rows on 4 mm needles but the Paton’s Astra yarn that I bought just recently has a slightly different tension listed on the band, 22 stitches and 28 rows on 4 mm needles.So somewhere over the last ten or 20 years the company seems to have changed it. My question is “will the extra two rows make a significant difference overall ?” Thank you.

Any chance you could provide a name or link so we can see the pattern?

You really need to start with a swatch. Regardless of what the band says, you might get 22 and 30 when you start stitching. Or you might get 24 and 28. Every person is different and what’s on the band is just a starting point for helping you get to the gauge needed to complete the project.

(Side note: the yarn might not have changed. The person who wrote the pattern just might have had a different gauge from the label. Or the yarn might have changed. :mrgreen: )

As for whether it matters, most parts of sweaters are written to be executed in inches. So “knit the body until it reaches 5” from the cast on edge" kind of thing. In those cases, row gauge doesn’t matter. But, a big difference in row gauge could matter through the fair isle section and at the yoke.

That said - baby sweater? You’re only knitting a few inches anyway, so that tiny difference in row gauge might not matter, especially if it’s not a fitted sweater. (Knew I’d get to to answering your question at some point. :wink: ) Row gauge is a hard one to get spot on for most people anyway.

Oh, and welcome to Knitting Help!