Help with knitting pockets

Knitting a vest right now and I’m confused about the pocket part. Why would we need to put the stitches on a stitch holder? It looks like I’m knitting them next step anyway? Not sure if I am missing something? Is there a specific reason as to why it would be on a stitch holder?

This is one of those things I can do but can’t explain. It took me a long time to wrap my mind around it. Maybe this video will help.


Hi, I think there are two different stitch holders! The first stitch holder referenced will hold the outside pocket edge stitches which will be finished later , probably by a rib or other edge pattern.
What the pattern calls the first stitch holder is the one holding the pocket lining - probably a square of stocking stitch you worked earlier? This will be knitted into the space on your needle created by the first stitch holder instruction to move the middle stitches to hold!
Later, you will sew this square to the back of the fabric to enclose the pocket space, and finish the top pocket edge.
Good luck! Pockets are always useful!