Help with knitting pattern?

I’m having a little trouble understanding the neck portion of this sweater. I get stuck at the part with the asterix. The directions confuse me a little bit, any help is appreciated.

Divide sts from pieces on four double pointed needles size 9 mm / US 13 as follows:
stomach sts on one needle (= needle no 1), back sts evenly distributed on three needles.
Work rib over sts on 1 and stockinette sts over back sts at the same time as on first round pick up 1 new st each side of needle.no1 (in-between back and stomach pieces).
Work next row as follows: work the 14 (14) 22 (22) sts on 1, turn piece and work 14 (14) 22 (22) sts back in rib, turn piece again and continue around the whole round.
Repeat - on every 3rd round a total of 2 (2) 3 (4) times.
Then continue in rib around all sts and on first round dec over sts on back so there are a total of 36 (40) 44 (48) sts on the needles.
Continue for approx 5 (7) 8 (10) cm/2" (2 3/4") 3 1/8" (4").
Bind off loosely.

Thanks for your help !

You’re going to work extra rows on just the stitches on needle 1, every 3 rounds. So knit those sts and turn as if you were working flat and turn at the end of the row. Work on the WS and turn again, then go over them again and continue on around the rest of the stitches. Work 2 more complete rounds on all the sts, then on the stitches from needle 1, turn and do a WS row, then complete the round. These are ‘short rows’ and are used for shaping, to add some extra room in that section.

Thank you, I get it now!