Help with knitting pattern.

I am knitting this hat and I’m not sure I understand the “shape crown” part. Would someone please explain?

Can u share the part of the pattern that is giving you trouble?? We can try to help if we know what the problem is. Don’t type the whole pattern here, just the few lines where the problem is.


Of course that would help!

The patt 7 sts sl1 patt2tog psso part. I have absolutely no idea what that means. I understand pattern for 7 stitches but which pattern?

And then the next row states patt to end. What does that mean exactly? If it’s the pattern I’ve been doing why not write k1p1?!

Sorry for being so stupid

As knitcindy recommended, we can’t post whole patterns because of copyright restrictions. You can use the pencil icon in the lower right of your post to edit and delete the pattern photo. The lines you mentioned are enough.

The pattern referred to is the k1p1 seed stitch. The hat maintains this pattern throughout, even though you are decreasing to shape the crown. Pattern 7sts means to work in k1p1 for 7sts, making sure that this lines up with the pattern in previous rows.

Pattern to end is similar. Work k1p1 keeping the pattern from previous rows correct. You’ll be “reading” your knitting which is a valuable skill to have.