Help with knitting pattern

Hi I’m knitting a round neck cardigan and have followed pattern until I get to one bit.
Shaping arm hole. I have done as it says then it says work straight etc ending at front edge I’m confused what side should I be ending on. Should I finish with the pattern facing me or the inside of the cardigan that no one sees.
This is the left front of cardigan. I have aadded a picture thanks
Some please help

Hi Jodie, If its the left front you are on, you will end on a ws row and with the rs facing so you can start the Shape Armhole section with the side edge (underarm side) ready to continue on with :grinning:

Hi like I said I’ve done all of that part that I took a photo of it’s just the last line I’m confused with before the shape neck part where it says ending at front edge I don’t know what side that would be it’s confusing me.

Oops! I misunderstood,so sorry.
You are at the shape neck point yes? so you need to have the ws facing you for the left front to be able to work the neck shapings.
Good luck with your project and please post a photo when you finish it :smile:

Great thanks

Hi if pattern says ending at armhole edge what side would be facing me when done that last row. I’m knitting left front if that helps I have attached picture. It’s the last line in shape neck please help

Hi Jodie, It will be the right side facing you for the Left front. :grinning: