Help with Knitting pattern

Hello - I’m hoping someone will be able to help. I’m working on the Lace Poncho from the Early Fall 2012 Vogue Knitting magazine. I think I understand that you work Chart1 rnd 10, then Chart2 rnd2, chart 1 rnd 11, chart2 rnd3, and so on until chart 1 rnd 17 with chart 2 rnd 9.
My question - what’s the next series of 8 rows? Do I continue the chart1 (rnds10-17) with chart2 (rnds 2-9)?
I don’t think that is correct, since it says "AT THE SAME TIME cont to work chart 2 until 16 rnd rep has been worked a total of 8 times, ending with a rnd 16 on both charts 1 and 2.

Can anybody help me please??
Thanks in advance!! Becky

Welcome to KH!

The instructions want an 8 rnd repeat for chart one which would be rnds 10-17.
They also want a 16 rnd repeat for chart two which should be rnds 1-16.

It sounds like you should keep working chart 1 rnds 10-17 and chart 2 rnds 1-16.
Does that make sense with the look of the charts and the photo?

Yes - thank you!! That helps!