help with knitting pattern please

i am knitting a baby jacket from the king cole booklet no.1. I have done the back and am now on the left front side.

the back said knit 44 rows then dec 3 to shape for arm hole, it was then straight in pattern until cast off.
However the left side says complete 52 rows, next row k2tog to shape front slope, then work 3 rows straight. Then dec 3 for arm hole shaping.

Is this correct I have done 11 more rows on the front before shaping armhole and it doesnt match the back shaping. is there a pattern error here. Thanks for your advice. Helen.

That certainly does sound like a mistake in the pattern. Are the directions for the left side at all helpful? I’m wondering if it should be knit 42 rows instead of 52?
One thing you can do is look at the schematic if there is one and see what the measurements should be. Fronts and back to the armholes are usually the same unless there is a hem that is longer in the front than the back (or vice versa).
Is there a pattern number or name or even a link to a photo that you can give us?


it is a pattern from the king cole baby book number 1. it is the 7th design in the booklet, also the one shown on the front cover. The instructions are very clear there is just 11 more rows to be worked on the front before arm hole shaping. I’ll give it a go tomorrow night knitting 42 rows and start shaping tomorrow night and see if that works.
Thanks helen.

That’s darling.
It certainly seems that the fronts and back should be the same length. Whether the 44 rows or 52+ is the correct number may depend on any measurements in the pattern or schematic. If not, it may just be up to you to pick the length that seems best.