Help with knitting on DPNs please!

Hi all. I have been knitting a hat for my husband on circular needles for the first time and it has been going really well until I got to the bit where I need to switch to DPNs to continue the decreases. I have been knitting all rounds which has been creating purl stitches on the right side, so it is actually inside out. When knitting on to the DPNs, it is creating knit stitches on the right side of the hat and purls on the inside :confounded:
Please can someone tell me where I am going wrong or point me to a video which demonstrates the right way? I have frogged back to where I have transferred the stitches on to the DPNs. Thank you in advance!

Figured it out - I was knitting into the end of the round first (the needle with the tail end of the yarn on it) instead of the start, silly me! :joy:

You may be knitting on the inside of the circle perhaps because in knitting onto the dpns, the knitting inadvertently flipped. This can be a problem with dpns and circular needles. See if these videos help, one for dpns and one with circular needles.