Help with knitting legs in a pattern

I’m working on a pair of wool shorts for my baby. I’m a fairly new knitter and this is my first time ever to use DPNs. This soaker is knit in the round on circs until you get to the legs. I have knit one leg and bound off, but how do I knit the other? All the stitches for that leg are on a stitch holder. Do I just transfer them all to dpns and start knitting with new yarn or is there a specific way to start with that? Detailed help is appreciated for this visual learner. :slight_smile: Thank you!

It usually gives you a little more information about how they want the next part to go. But if there isn’t any information, you are right, you need to put the stitches on your dpns and knit that leg. You just start knitting with a new yarn. Think about the way the first one worked and using that for a guide decide the best way to divide the stitches up and do it like the other leg. There may or may not be something you need to do reversed to work for the other leg. If they don’t give you any more help you’ll have to think about what you’d need to do to make a “container” for the other leg so that it will fit right. LOL Good luck.

Thank you, I will try that and see how it works. I have never knit legs before. :slight_smile: I’m assuming that I won’t need to do a slip knot, just start knitting and weave in the working tail later.

some people like to put a slip not of the new yarn around the old yarn just to keep it extra secure but it isnt necassary. As you said just start knitting with the fresh yarn leaving a long enough tail to weave in later. sounds like you’ll have no problems.

yes, that worked just fine! I’m now on the second leg. :slight_smile: thank you for answering my question.