Help with knitting instructions


I am a new knitter and am trying out a vest from a pattern. I have been following the pattern and started from the back which has turned out well so far but am now stuck with the “shape back neck” part.
Would be great if you could help me with understanding the instructions:

Work 12, BO 16, work 12. Turn and work these 12 stitches first. Next row (WS) work 1 row in pattern. Leave stitches on a holder. Rejoin yarn to remaining stitches st wrong side row. Next row (WS) work 1 row in pattern. Leave stitches on a holder.

I have worked the 12 stitches, BO ed the next 16 and worked the next 12, but am essentially stuck after that.

Thanks in advance☺️

You will be working the 12 stitches on either side of the neck separately to create the shoulders. Can you tell us the pattern name and provide a link if possible? Don’t post the pattern here due to copyright issues.

Thankyou for replying Jan_in_CA :slight_smile:
Here is the link :

Ok… So i should put one side on a stitch holder and continue the other one?

I tried what you suggested. Makes sense now I think☺️
Thanks a ton.

Cute vest! Oh good! A lot of patterns have you put one side on a stitch holder. I prefer using piece of waste yarn for extra stitches. Take a yarn needle and thread it with a lighter weight smooth yarn and run it through the stitches you need to hold aside. I try to make the yarn long enough to tie a loose knot so they don’t pull out.

Yep. Using a yarn is a better idea, I’ve run out of stitch holders😢

When using yarn as st holder, make sure a) it’s thinner, and more importantly, b) a different color.

Lovely vest. I was glad to read it should last a while after all that work.

Thanks for the tips MumandMimi☺️ will keep them in mind