Help with knitting chart

I am trying to practice my knitting so, I am trying a headband. The pattern has a knitting chart and in the 1st box it says:

k on RS;p on WS

I am a bit confused. Do I do this in one stitch? It looks like it. However, I am unsure how to do this.

If anyone could help me out by explaining it to me or posting a video on how to do this, I would GREATLY appreciate it :smiley:

Thanks for your help :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi and welcome to the world of knitting!

That box just means that if you’re doing a RS row, you knit the stitch, if you’re doing a WS row you purl it.


Here is a picture of the first 4 rows of the chart with the index below.

I’m still a bit confused :S

Thanks again :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, the blank squares on row 2 are the WS and would be purled, the ones with the dots are knit, so purls appear on the RS. A chart is a diagram of your knitting as it looks on the RS. Here’s how it breaks down

Row 1 - k2, p1, cB, cF, p1, k2
Row 2 - p2, k1, p8, k1, p2
Row 3 - k2, p1, k8, p1, k2
Row 4 - same as row 2

In a cable pattern like this, the WS rows would be - work the sts as they appear - which is knit what look like knit sts, and purl what look like purls.

Thank you soooo Much! This totally makes sense to me now! I couldn’t seem to find anything online specifically that would explain it to me so, you are a life saver :smiley:

Don’t forget you repeat the chart twice, missed that before.