Help with knitting a neckband, new to knitting

Hi. I need help knitting a neckband, I have knitted the front and back section but now don’t know what to do. Pattern is…

Knit up 5 sts evenly along left side of neck, knit across sts from front stitch holder knit up 9 sts evenly along right side neck, then knit across sts from back stitch holder 50 sts.
Knit 9 rows gather.
Cast off loosely knit way.


Start at the left shoulder and pick up sts down the neckline to the front stitch holder. You can then knit the sts directly off the front stitch holder and proceed to pick up sts up the right neck edge. Finally, knit the sts from the back stitch holder.
This video shows the idea although I don’t like picking up sts in the holes left over from the neck decreases. Also, she’s working with bound off sts at the front and back neck whereas you have held sts. But, similar idea.

See if it helps.

Thanks so much for your help and the video, I understand now. :slight_smile: