Help with knitting a cardigan with Noro

I just finished the back of a cardiagan with Noro Kochoran. It looks beautiful, but now I’m worried that the two sides of the front will not look good if the stripes formed by the Noro yarn don’t match. The pattern I’m using has a random stripe added in a solid color yarn and I’m hoping if that solid color stripe matches at the sides and front, that the varied striping of the Noro in between won’t look bad. Do I have to line up the yarn ahead of time to start in the same spot on both sleeves? Thanks.

but Part of why we use Noro yarn is so you DO get random (ish) striping
its wonderful that way
would love to see the sweater when its done


ECB’s reply was perfect. I’ll go with the random striping and be happy! It looks great so far.