Help With Knitting a blanket in a circular needle

Hi, I am working a blanket for my mother in law, and I am making a blanket in a cirular needle, the issue I’m having is everytime I finish a row and switch it back to my left hand to start the next row I am somehow now knitting on the opposite side of the blanket and it’s screwing up pattern. Please HELP!! I am at a total loss on how to fix this problem!

What is the pattern. Sounds like a RS WS issue and you’re thinking only RS because you’re using circular but since you’re not knitting in a circle when you switch to WS you have to do the opposite of what you did on the RS.
Purls instead of knits. And if you read a row as counting up on the RS, 123456789 you would have to read it as counting down on the WS 987654321.
Generally RS/WS patterns don’t have much happening on the WS so you just knit the knits and purl the purls as you see them.
The exception is colorwork charts, where the chart is written to show RS but when you turn to the WS you read the row backwards as with the counting example above.

Big question here… are you knitting in the round or flat? What is the name of the name of the pattern? Can you please post a link? Do not post the pattern here just the link. You can post a picture of your blanket if you think it will help.

I am knitting Flat. Here is the link for the blanket. Let me know if this helps. Thanks for the help so far.

Pretty blanket!

Since you’re knitting flat you have to knit on the back (WS). That’s the way knitting flat works. So what is happening when you are knitting on the back that is messing up the pattern? Your pattern should tell you what stitches to do on the WS.

Another thought… is it that you’re having trouble turning with circular needles? If so…when you get to the end of the row just turn end for end so you are holding the stitches with the working yarn in your left hand. The other end of the circular needle becomes your second needle.