Help with knitted penguins needed!

Hey I’ve just started knitting some penguins but cannot understand the instructions any advice would be great.
ROW 21(rs): K1,M1, k to last stitch, M1,K1. 22sts
ROW 22: purl.
Working all incs as set by last row, inc 1 St at each end of 3rd row, then on 3 foll 4th rows. 30 sts.
Work 1 row ending with RS facing for next row
Row 39

Thank you for any help

Work rows 21 and 22. The increases in the following rows will be placed as they are in row 21, one stitch in from each end. Increase on rows 25, 29, 33 and 37. otherwise just knit or purl the intervening rows. Purl row 38 and then follow the directions for row 39.