help with knitted knocker

Hi! I am new here, so pardon my uncertainty on using the site. I made a “bottoms up” knitted knocker. The first one turned out great. The second one, when finished, had an issue. The “drawstring” on the bottom would not slide closed after being stuffed with filling. I was very careful on the third one I knit, and I had the same problem with the drawstring. What in the world am I doing wrong? I made all three the same and according to the knitted knocker instructions, but had issues with two of them and I don’t want to start over if I can fix this. Thanks for any help!

Welcome to the forum!
Did you weave the long tail through every other stitch to make the drawstring? It’s shown at the 1 hour time point in the video below:

I’m so happy that you reminded me that there was that last step! (I feel like a real crazy gal!). I suppose I was excited that I was finished and didn’t take that final step to weave the tail through the stitches… Thank you, now I can finish it to perfection!:blush:

Oh, good. This is such a wonderful charity. Thank you for contributing!