Help with Knitpick's Seaman's Scarf

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone’s knitting is going smoothly.

I finished the Besotted scarf for my mom, and tonight started the Seaman’s Scarf from Knitpicks for my dad.’s+Scarf_PD50545220.html

The cable part of the pattern is a little confusing. Is it written the way it is in expectation that the knitter will do it without using a cable needle? Here’s the cable section from the pattern:

[I][B][FONT=AJensonPro-Bold]8 Row Cable Sequence with 3 stitch garter stitch border:[/FONT][/B][/I]
[I][B][FONT=AJensonPro-Bold]Row 1 of Cable Sequence (RS): [/FONT][/B][FONT=AJensonPro-Regular]Slip 1 as if to purl with yarn in front, K2, * P2, slip next 6 stitches off left needle, use left needle to pick up the 2 far right stitches leaving the other four stitches in the front, use the right needle to place the middle 2 stitches on the left needle, finally use the right needle to place the far left 2 stitches[/FONT][/I]
[FONT=AJensonPro-Regular][I]onto the left needle, k6 * repeat between asterisks ending with P2, K3.[/I][/FONT]

It isn’t truly complicated, but I haven’t tried to do a cable pattern written like this before. Hope someone can advise me so I’ll know what’s going on! :eyes:


IN the long run the cable is the same whether you work it with or without a cable needle, but perhaps this reading would make more sense to you.

Slip two stitches to right needle; place next 4 stitches on cable needle in front. Transfer the two slipped stitches to left needle. Slip two stitches from cable needle to right needle and then slip those two to the left needle. Slip remaining two stitches from the cable needle to the left needle. knit the 6 stitches.

Also beware I think there is a correction needed on that pattern. Keep in mind I did this 2 years ago and it was my first cable project, so maybe it has been corrected. If I recall they had you doing a knit stitch and it should have been a purl on the cable or visa versa. :shrug: It is a very cool scarf and my son really likes his. :yay: Good Luck!


Thank you for the rewriting! It was a little easier to slip the first two to the right needle than to bump them off the needle altogether. I know everyone says that not using a cable needle is easier and faster, but I like to be secure! :mrgreen:

Thanks again.

I think it must have been fixed, because I did three pattern repeats of the cable section last night and I can’t see any glaringly wrong stitches. (That’s just luck on my part!) The one problem I saw is that the info page says it has a moss stitch border, and it doesn’t.

What color did you use? I’m doing my father’s in a light gray, kind of a classic “sweatshirt” gray. I think it would look better in a cream or light woodsy color, but my color selection is very limited for this weight of yarn and this was the best color I could find. My LYS only had this gray, black, and burgundy (which I bought for my grandmother to make her the Ropes and Ladders scarf from Pieknits).

Glad I could help!