hELP WITH kNIT term!

I am doing an afghan with individual sampler blocks. I’ve just done one with a cable pattern which I finally completed with Marria’s help. Now I’m going to try another called " Cables and Twists.

on the first row ( an increase row) the pattern goes

K3m mt, K2, P4 (k2, mt,K2, P4) 3 times, K2, mt, K3

At the end of this row, I will have increased 5 stitches.

What is mt??? How do I do it? Why don’t I simply increase a stitch??

The ‘mt’ stands for ‘marking thread’ aka, a marker. It’s not an inc, just tells you where to put the marker.

I think it is actually an increase. If you read instructions it is repeated 5 times for an increase of 5 stitches. In the glossary above it is called a make 1 towards and there is a video demonstrating the increase. The glossary has it listed as M1T, but I believe it is the same increase.

Oh, okay. I’ve seen mt for marking thread in translated patterns. But yeah, M1t would seem to be the same.