Help with "Knit 4 Bind off 3"

Hi - I’m needing help with a free pattern I got from the Lion Brand site (link: It’s a striped bag, pattern 50377 in case the link doesn’t work. I’m on Rnd 36: K4, bind off 3 sts. What I did the first time was knit the first 4 stitches then bound off the NEXT 3 but when I finished the whole row I only had like 6 stitches left and according to the pattern I should have been knitting the last 11 stitches. Help! Thanks so much (in advance).

That’s what you should be doing, so either a) you have the incorrect number of stitches in your row, b) your counting is off, or, more farfetched, c) you’re binding off one extra stitch in each BO section, of which there are five, yielding 11 - 5 = 6 stitches left to knit. Try pulling out the row and counting your stitches to make sure you have the appropriate number, and if you do, knit it again – this time counting your BOs very carefully.

thanks so much for the help! I’ll go give that a try.

It could also be that you’re supposed to count the stitch left over from the bind off as one of the k4 stitches.