Help with King Cole pattern 3482 - rib4, rib2tog

Hi everyone,

I hope someone might be able to help!

I am knitting a square poncho. Only got to row 12, but it says: rib 0, rib2tog, *rib 3, rib2tog, rep from * to last 0 sts, rib to end. The last stitch on the previous row was a K1. Can anyone tell me how to rib2tog, then rib3, rib2tog? I’m guessing the rib2togs are the decreases? I found the rib 0 bit a bit confusing too!

Thanks so much

Oh, my mistake, my last stitch on the previous row was a P1

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Yes, the rib2tog are the decreases. When it says “rib 0” or “knit 0”, or similar directions, skip over that step.
For the rib2tog, you can probably do a k2tog (knit2tog).
What are the directions for the next row? Are you changing to stockinette stitch?

Thank you so much for the reply! The next row is K to end, to start stocking stitch - you guessed right! I ended up calling the yarn company that wrote the pattern and speaking to one of their pattern advisors - she was really helpful. There was a couple of other points I needed help with too so thought I’d get them all explained in one hit! But thank you so much for offering your help. I have completed row 12 and now onto the easy peasy knitting!