Help with K3 in 2/1/2 rows below

I have this wonderful pattern for a lace stole, but I’m stumped on one of the stitches. It’s abbreviated as K3 in 2/1/2 rows below; and the instructions read: [k1, 2 rows below; k1, 1 row below; k1, 2 rows below] into the same stitch.

I’ve watched some videos on knitting in the row below, and it looks pretty simple, but all of these into the same stitch has me baffled. I know how to knit into the same stitch…but could it be as simple as that?

Here is the link to a pic of the stole

Would appreciate any help.



This would be an increase I think, and would be similar to the KRL and KLL on the increases page. Knit into the back bump of the st 2 rows below the one on the needle, knit into the center of the same st on the row below the one on the needle, then knit into the back bump of the same st 2 rows below only now it’s on the R needle.