Help with K0

Hi there, I seem to be stuck on this pattern for some baby bloomers I’m knitting for my little one. This is an increase row reads:

K1f&b, (K2,K1f&b) 7 (7,8) times, K0 (2,1), K1f&b-32 (34,37) sts on each leg.

So I knit front and back 7 times, but I don’t understand what to do for the K0 and when I should k1f&b again. I started with 23 stitches and keep ending up with 31 after this row.

I could really use some help! Thank you!

if for your size of a pattern, it says to k0, then that’s knit nothing.

so if you’re making the smallest size, at that point don’t do anything, just move onto the next part of the instructions (the Knit Front Back, kfb part).

if you were making the medium size you’d knit 2 and then the kfb.

if you were making the largest size you’d knit 1 and then the kfb, and so on.

Wow, yes, that is confusing! As far as I can tell, you’re supposed to first knit front and back once, then come the brackets (k2, k1f&b) which you have to repeat 7 times - so k2,k1f&b, k2, k1f&b, k2, k1f&b, k2, k1f&b, k2, k1f&b, k2, k1f&b, k2, k1f&b. Then, depending on which size you’re knitting, you have to knit either 0, 1 or 2 st - in other words, if you’re knitting the smallest size, you can skip this part of the instructions. Finally, you end the row with knitting front and back once. The numbers at the end signify the number of stitches you’re supposed to end up with on the needles - either 32, 34 or 37, depending on the size. Hope it works out!