Help with joking row

Hiw I’m new to knitting. Can anyone explain what this means:
Joining Row (RS): With RS facing and working across Left Earflap, k1, M1, k28, M1, k1, cast on 14 sts for front of Hat; working across sts of Right Earflap, k1, M1, k28, M1, k1 - 78 sts.
Work 15 rows, keeping to Ridge st and Stripe pattern as established.

I have no idea what to do. I have knitted both ear flaps and am now stuck. Help!

You’re going to Cast on sts for the lower edge and knit sts from the earflaps before and after the CO. So work the 1st earflap, then CO 14 sts (turn the needle and use the cable CO, then turn back so the new sts are in the right hand), then work the sts on the other earflap. If you do kfb for the incs (not m1) that will give you 78 sts.