Help with joining pullover body and sleeves?

I am trying to knit a pullover sweater on circular needles. I’m using “The Knitter’s handy book of sweater patterns.” So far I have the body on circular needles, up to the armholes, where I have bound off 6 stitches on each side, leaving 54 sts for the front and for the back. I have the sleeves on dpns, and I have bound off 6 stictches on each, leaving 38 sts for each sleeve.

This is how far I managed to get last year when I tried this sweater, LOL.

Now I’m supposed to “join all pieces as foll: Knit across 38 sts of left sleeve, pm, knit across 54 sts of front, pm, knit across 38 sts of right sleeve, pm, knit across 54 sts of back, pm for end of rnd. There will be 184 sts.”

The part I don’t get is how exactly to join these pieces. Do I put the sleeves on the same circular needle as the body and then start? Do I somehow start knitting, and then all the pieces end up on the circs? I don’t even know which ball of yarn to use. I’m just having a really hard time visualizing this. The last time I tried this sweater I joined the pieces somehow – I can’t remember how – but then when I started knitting, it was all inside out.

Any attempts at explaining this would be appreciated! I am determined to knit a *&%^ sweater one day!

You don’t have to put the sleeve stitches on the circular needles before you start, but you’ll be knitting everything onto the circs.

I’m assuming that for the body, your needles (and yarn) are at the left side. Use the body yarn (well, either that or the left-arm yarn; if it’s the same, it doesn’t really matter) to knit the left-arm stitches from the dpns onto the circs, then knit across the sweater and knit the right-arm stitches from the dpns onto the circs, then go across again. You’ll end up with all the stitches on the circular needles.

Thank you so much! Joining accomplished!

Yay! :woot: Good luck with the rest of the sweater.