Help with Jenny Pattern

I am back again, continuing to make progress but more questions as usual. Working the Jenny pattern by Annette Danielson. I have put the stitches for the back on a stitch holder as you suggested. Used the video you suggested for a smoother bind off for the neck. This worked great! Now I am stuck again. I have worked the 22 rows as pattern suggests. But I am at row 22 of 32 on chart. Do I start at (15) or continue from where I am? Also, the next step appears that the designer wants to start to inc. By casting on stitches. Why? I am only halfway across the front? Remember this pattern is worked from left to right. I would think I should be all the way across the front before adding stitches as I think these additional stitches are for the right sleeve. Please help! What are my next steps according to the pattern?
I am so ready to frog this and use the yarn on an easier pattern. I could not have gotten this far without your help! Thank you.

You’re making good progress on this very pretty top.

Continue knitting from where you are in the chart. That way the panel across the front will continue without a jog. (Maybe you worked more rows at some point across the front so far either on the shoulder or the front neck?)

The increases are to shape the other side of the scoop neck and mirror the decreases at the top of the pattern page that you posted.

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