Help with Japanese pattern?

So, Of course I’m desperate to knit this:

It looks like some people did knit this and I’m wondering where the heck I can get this pattern??? Does anyone know where I can get this pattern or something similar?

On a side note, I’m really in a knitting funk right now. I can’t remember the last time I knit something that I really liked when it was done. It would be great to make this and really love it!!

Thanks for any help!!

Well, if you want the actual Japanese book it’s in, on the book page there is a link to amazon/Japan.

There are also links to Japanese Knitter groups who I expect can help w/translations.

I tried to look at the amazon page but it’s completely in Japanese! Perhaps I will look at some of the knitting groups on Ravelry…

I think I’d use a different pattern and try to incorporate the design from the Japanese one if you can’t get an acceptable translation.

These aren’t exactly the same though. It looks like it’s just a long rectangle seamed at the sides. The arms don’t look like there’s any shaping involved so you might be able to wing it.

Maybe you’re right, Jan. I might be able to knit in the round and then put it on straights for the top? Knit from the bottom up? Then I can measure something I really like and adapt it. I have never just made something up before, it’s a little scary. I guess I’ll get the graph paper out and start working. I’m sure I’ll have a million questions but I know you all will be here!


I’ve never done something like that either, but that sounds like it would work fine. I think you just need to do a gauge swatch, measure yourself, adjust for ease and cast on.

I’ll let you know how it goes! I have jewelry stuff to work on in my studio, getting ready for the holidays, and then I can tackle this. I usually knit a lot in the dead of winter, after the first of the year…

This is a very good idea, this way I can pick a yarn I like and not have to worry about matching a gauge to a pattern. I can also look for a sale yarn that won’t cost a fortune!

Thanks a bunch!

I wish I could help but my Japanese has gone downhill in the last 20 years (no one to talk to and definitely no reading) but I love the style.


I contacted someone who knit the tunic and she wrote back that she did it from the magazine (she obviously reads Japanese) so I wrote back and asked if I could pay her to translate…I haven’t heard back.

No big deal. My husband needs a new hat and the kids need them too so Mom’s tunic goes on the back burner anyway…