Help with Italian cast on in the Round

I am wanting to knit Marly Bird’s Chunky Snow boarder Hat and I think I have finally mastered how to do the cast on, but the pattern calls for 44 CO stitches, then join in the round, and do 1x1 ribbing…When I go to start the first row, it looks like the first stitch should be a Purl (purl bump) evident), therefor I will not be doing K1 P1…could someone explain what I am doing wrong???
The hat will go quickly once I master the K1 P1 ribbing.

Tks for your Help

Since this hat is all k1p1 it won’t matter if you start with a purl stitch and work p1k1 around. If you want to work k1p1 or if a pattern requires that, begin the cast on with a purl stitch. Then your initial loop will be the knit stitch.
I love this tubular cast on because of the way it wraps around the edge.

Thanks so much for your reply…will try that and hope it works1