Help with interpreting pattern

I’m making a cute little baby shrug for my new granddaughter. The pattern says the following;

Next Row: (right side) K3, M1, k to end. I get this
Work even for 3 rows ( I assume work even means in stockinette as I’ve been doing prior to the increase row - am I right?)
Repeat the last 4 rows twice and the increase row once more - this is where I’m really confused the last 4 rows include the row with the increase so do I just knit that row without the increase?

It’s great to be able to ask questions so I can work on projects between knitting classes!


It could mean to work 4 rows without incs twice, then do just the increase row. What part of the shrug are you on, what does it look like in the picture? Or what pattern is it?

The baby shrug pattern is from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss. I did find it on line on at
I’m on Dividing for Fronts section.

Thanks, Debra

Oh a Debby bliss pattern…

Yeah, I would do as I mentioned in the last post - inc, k3 rows, k 8 rows and inc again. Given that the gauge is 6 rows per inch, that’s an inc every 2" so would probably work out right, rather than an inc every 2/3"