Help with interpreting pattern

Hi, I am having difficulty interpreting what is meant with this particular part of the pattern. It reads as follows “cast on 40 stitches beg next 2 Rows
Pl. markers each end of needle 136 stitches.

I am concerned because they’re not saying to increase so from 40 stitches you end up to 136?

Thanks so much for your help

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You’ll be increasing by casting on stitches. Perhaps it’s not the kind of increase you’re used to using, ones like Make 1 or knit front & back.
Cast on 40sts at the beginning of the row, then work across the new sts and the rest of the row. Turn and again cast on 40sts then work across the rest of the row. That’s 80 new sts. If you started with 56sts that’ll make 136sts total.
Here’s one way to cast on the sts using a knit cast on. A cable cast will also work here.

It would be really helpful to know what you are making, is there a designer or pattern name or number?

From the information you’ve given I would expect you to already have 56 stitches on your needle, is this the case?
Then on the next row cast on an additional 40 before working the row,. A knit cast on will work for this, you will have 96 stitches, work across this row with whatever the stitch pattern is.
Then, turn as though to begin the next row but before knitting cast on an additional 40 stitches at the beginning of the row. Now 136 stitches, work across these with the stitch pattern.
2 rows completed and 40 stitches cast on at the beginning of each row.

If you don’t have 56 stitches already then ignore this answer!
But someone can certainly help with a little more information.

Hello , it’s a Patons kid garter stitch jacket pattern. Yes I already have 57 sts on my needle.

Very nice! According to the pattern it should be 56 sts on the needle for the smallest size before the cast ons for the sleeve. That’s ok if you have 57. You can either leave it at 57 or decrease maybe at the underarm where it won’t be noticed.

I am sorry I’m lost the pattern reads for the girls version cast on 57 stitches beginning of next 2 Rows. Place markers each end of needle (170 stitches). I don’t understand what they are saying and for what part of garment? thank you

I think this is what comes next.

Proceed in garter
st (knit every row) until work from
markers measures 3¼ (4¼-4¾-
5½) ins [8.5 (11-12-14) cm] ending
with RS facing for next row.

The markers are to know where to measure from. You could use a loop of yarn in a stitch or a removable marker. I’m not sure a marker is really necessary since you can measure from the cast on edge. I could be reading things wrong too.

I’m sorry I’m still lost. The part i’m lost is “cast on 57 stitches beginning of next 2 Rows. Place markers each end of needle (170 stitches). I don’t understand what they are saying and for what part of garment? Am increasingly but they are saying so in a less obvious way?

This jacket is knit sideways starting at the sleeve. You’ve been knitting the left sleeve from the cuff to the underarm. Now you are casting on 57sts for the front and then 57sts for the back. You’ll continue knitting the now 170sts for the body for 3 3/4 inches.

The blue arrow shows the direction of knitting:

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Thanks so much for helping me! This is starting to make sense! Have a good day!

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Pleased to hear it is starting to make sense. Just also check uou are following one size only and have not accidentally switched sizes. Your first post quoted to cast on 40 sts each end but later quote is 57 sts each end.
It may help to circle or highlight all, the instructions for the size you are making.