Help with interpreting British instructions

:?? :?? Hoping someone can help me! I found the ideal lacy shrug/bolero instructions from DROPS web site, that I want to make for my nieces wedding in early September. The instructions are written in British English and I am having much difficulty understanding them. Does anyone know what is meant by:

“Bend the circular needle in the middle and cast on 148-184 sts (including 5 edge sts each side, knitted in garter sts throughout) on 2 needles size 5.5 (use 2 needles to make the edge more elastic). Pull out 1 needle and knit 2 rows of garter sts (1st row = the right side).”

Is this the same as using two circular needles to cast on – as if making socks in the round?

I think I can mangae the rest, if only I could get started!

It just wants you to CO over 2 needles is all. Nothing ‘british’ about it, just the translation from norwegian/swedish to english is all.