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Hello all,

I’m knitting Moon Socks [URL=“http://—slippers-in-2-strands-nepal”]

I am at the foot stage and it is instructing me to: “slip the sts from stitch holder back on needle and knit up 12 sts on each side of middle part (inside 1 edge st) = 60 sts on needle.”

Where I am confused:

  1. Slipping sts from holder onto needle. Do I just slip them onto 1 needle and not 3 like I was doing when ribbing in the round?

  2. What do they mean knit up 12 sts on each side of middle part? Is this the leg they are referring to? Do I simply just knit this part? There are 27 sts on my needle (this is the leg part).

  3. Inside 1 edge st?

Any assisatnce would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Did you knit the upper foot flap as instructed? You pick up and knit along the edges of the flap piece. Are you working on DPN?

I can do these, I’ve done it, I’m not sure I can explain it so I’m not going to confuse you more. Someone else will be able to help you better than I can.

This video does a similar kind of slipper and might help you understand what’s supposed to be happening.

You have the 9 upper piece sts on the needle. Now pick up 12sts down one side of the upper piece that you just knit. These sts aren’t picked up on the leg piece (the 27sts). They’re picked up at the row edges that you just finished making for the upper piece. Pick up the sts one stitch in from the edge. Here’s a video for picking up sts that shows it.

Now slip the 27sts back onto a needle. You could slip these sts onto one of your 3 needles because you’re going to be knitting in the round again soon. Slip them onto the left hand needle and knit around those 27sts in ribbing and then pick up another 12sts along the other side of the upper piece. That’ll bring you back to the 9sts at the end of the upper piece and you can proceed with the rest of the dirctions.

Thank you salmonmac, you explained this very well and you’ve been very helpful.

Thank you!

You’ve helped me before and it’s sooo appreciated! Can I contact you again if I have trouble with a knitting project. I am a beginner that’s trying to learn on her own and instructions get me easily confused.

Thank you again! :slight_smile:

Hi Grumpy Gramma,

Thank you for responding. Yes I have done the flap as instructed and yes I am working on DPN. It doesn’t specify to put sts back onto the DPN just a needle. Is that incorrect? Am I to put the sts back on the round on DPN and attach to the leg by knitting as they say?

Thank you so much for helping me!