Help with instructions

Knitting my first sweater. Have been following the pattern for the back and it noted Row 1 was the right side. Have completed down to the desired length of this part of the pattern and it now says,
End with RS facing. Work 4 rows in garter st. When it says end with RS facing does that mean finish with an odd row which would be the right side, or does it mean start the 4 rows of garter with the RS row? In my head I am thinking I should finish a RS and then start the garter stitch on the WS.:??


If it says to end with the right side facing, I always read that to work the final row on the right side, so I agree with you in that. It makes sense, too, since to work garter stitch you knit every row, and it would show if you start with a ws row.

One way to check (since it can be confusing) is to see what happens after the 4 garter stitch rows. If you’re back on a ws row for the next row, then you’re reassured that you’re doing it correctly.

Thanks, Ingrid. I guess I am unsure because after you do the 4 garter stitch rows the next instructions just says starting with a knit row, work in St st until pieces measure 13 inches ending with RS facing and then BO. Ack, I am still confused!

As Ingrid says, I also check the following directions to make sure that however I interpret this confusing direction, it’ll come out on the correct side for any subsequent steps.
If you finish with a WS (even numbered) row, turn to the RS row, and begin 4 rows of garter stitch, you’ll finish up on the RS ready to begin stockinette st with a knit row. (The first of the garter st rows will be a knit row which won’t show bumps but that’s ok. The bumps won’t happen until row 2 of garter st, on the back.)
row1 (RS) garter
row2 garter
row3 garter
row4 garter
row5 (RS) st sts beginning with a knit row

Thanks for your response but now I am even more unsure, your answer was the opposite of what Ingrid said. So when it says end with RS facing, you take that to mean end on a WS and then when you turn it will be RS facing? Would love to know why some of these patterns can’t be a little more specific.

Sorry for the confusion. I do read RS facing (and end with a WS row) as making the RS the next row to be worked [U]but[/U] I always check the following directions to make sure of what to do. In your case, it looks like doing the rows as posted will give you 4 rows of garter and leave you on a RS row to begin st st.
It’s not a hard and fast definition that you can use in other patterns but if you look at the following directions in future, it will get you through the steps.