Help with instructions

I am working on a Lion Brand pattern #807760AD. A lace beanie/Lovely Lace Cap…I am done with the instuctions up to the point of inc sts to 90. The next instruction is to K, dec 2 sts evenly spaced around= 88 sts.??? I don’t quite get it. Can someone clarify that for me?: muah:

You need to decrease two sts during the total round of knitting. So decrease one at the beginning of the round and one midway through the round by knitting two stitches together (K2tog). After you do this, you should have 88 sts on your needles.

Thank you for responding…So I knit the first stitch, k2tog and on #45 K2tog do you think?

The only thing that might make a difference in where to place the decrease is the stitch pattern. Otherwise it doesn’t have to be exact so just knit a few stitches and k2tog then go ‘about’ half way and k2tog again.

It would help if you’d link to the pattern when asking questions. :wink:

Thank you for responding. I am new to posting, so I am unsure how to link the pattern. It is on the website…pattern #80760AD.

Thank you again for the help and I will give it a try.