Help with instructions

Hi all,

I am knitting a hoody for my dd and I am at the part for the hood.

I’m not sure that I understand what they are asking me to do.

CO 71 st. Knit 1 row (I get this!)

Next row(WS): P21, inc in next st purlways, *P3, in next st purlways; repeat frrom * 6 more times, P 21. (79 st)

Am I understanding that I P21 stitches, increas 1 purlways, Purl 3 and then (increase 1, P3) 6 times in the same row until I have 79 stitches?

just want to make sure!

thanks in advance

Yes, that is how I understand the instructions.

When I increase… how do I purl into the front and the back of a purl stitch?

I tried the bar increase, but it left me with too many stitches.


These illustrations show both purling through the front loop and through the back loop. You will do the first (through front loop) and then before slipping the original stitch off the left needle you will purl the same stitch again, but through the back loop.

Hope this helps.

I use EZ’s “make one” (making a backward loop on the right needle). It is a very neat, fast, invisible increase.

Thanks guys, I made it through this part! I’m almost done the hood then I’ll have to seem everything together!