Help with instructions.

I have redone this so many times. i’m ready to not add sleeves to this cardigan. can someone help? I’ve tried increasing on row 3 of the basket rib pattern and then again on the following 2nd row, which would be row 1 again…then again on row 3. if done this way, the yo slip stitch doesn’t line up on a few rows in. What am i doing wrong?

Change to larger needles and
proceed in Basket Rib Pat as given
for Back for 2 rows.
Inc 1 st each end of next and
following 4th (4th-2nd-2nd-
2nd-2nd) row until there are 91
(95-101-101-105-109) sts, taking
inc sts into pat.

Can you please tell us the name of the pattern and give a link if possible? Don’t post the pattern itself here other than a few lines as you’ve done. Seeing the pattern helps though.

I’ve been working on this particular pattern too. It’s from the Patons long weekend cardigan from the yarnspirations blog. Here’s the link to the free pattern:

I’m working a size L cardigan and don’t know how to do the sleeves. Anyone able to help me please?

@Lin_Miller did you ever figure out the sleeves? I know this is from December, but I’m trying to knit this cardigan as a gift but I’m on a deadline since the cold season is going to end soon : ((((
I tried so hard, but this is stumping me. What I did was I increased only every third row during the K1, Sl1P part (following each 2nd row), but I’m worried I’m not doing it right

Welcome to KH!
How does the sleeve look? Increasing every 3rd row instead of every 2nd will make a slimmer sleeve with a more gradual slope of increases. As long as it fits however, you should be fine. (I know you may not be able to try this on the recipient but as best you can tell).

When I have to increase (or decrease) in pattern, I put the pattern on hold at the very edge, work the increase and then go back into pattern as soon as possible. Use the previous rows as a guide to make sure you’re maintaining the pattern. The edge sts in stockinette won’t be noticeable and will likely become part of the seam anyway.

Hi! Thanks : )))

What I have is a gradual increase, but I’m not sure what row I’m supposed to do it on. This is the little chunk in the instructions that is a bit confusing. I rewrote it so it only shows what size I’m particularly working on.

“Change to larger needles and proceed in Basket Rib Pat (R1: K; R2: P; R3: K1, Sl1P; R4: K1, Sl1p, wyif) for 2 rows.
Inc 1 st each end of next and following 4th row until there are 95 sts, taking
inc sts into pat.”

How do I break this bolded part down? My assumption is that my first increase will be on Row 3. And then, subsequently, increased stitches should only be done at each end of the row after row 4, or basically on row 1. But the wording of the bolded part makes it hard to understand and I feel like I’m misinterpreting.

The next row is row 3. Increase at each end. Then the wording is ambiguous but what it’s asking is actually not an increase every basket rib row 4 but every absolute 4th row. So work the rib pattern for rows 4, 1, 2, and then increase again on row 3. All the increases will then be on row 3 of the basket rib pattern.

If you prefer to increase on row 1 of the basket rib, a RS knit row, then just work the increases there. You’d wind up increasing on row 3, work row 4, then inc on row 1 and on every row 1 thereafter till you reach 95sts. The slight difference in increase spacing at the beginning isn’t going to matter

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Extremely helpful! Thank you so so much!! :slight_smile: