Help with instruction pls

Hi All. I am hoping someone can help me with the following: I am knitting a dolls dress, I have decreased for the high waist and am up to making the eyelets around the waist for ribbon. The pattern reads…P1 wyr (wind yarn round needle once) *P4, p2wyr (purl next 2 stitches winding yarn twice round needle for each stitch) and rep from *. I have completed this row but now I am wondering do I knit the double wrn as two stitches or one making a larger eyelet. I have not come across this before in knitting… I am keen to continue so your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Lindy

What does it say to do on the next row? I would think you’d drop one of the extra loops; if it gives the number of sts you should have that would tell you if it’s being used as an increase or not.

I would suspect that you only knit one stitch into the double yo. You can double check if they give you a stitch count for the end of the row or the beginning of the next row.

It’s actually not a double yo, just wrapping twice as you purl the st. And that makes me think you do work into just one of the loops and drop the other.