Help with instruction on increasing in the round

Hello everyone,

Can I get your help?

I’m knitting a child’s skirt in the round and the directions for the increases are throwing me for a loop. (an easy thing to do :oops: )

the instructions say *M1k, k12, rep from * around - (130) sts. Continue to inc 10 sts in this manner, having 1 more st between incs every 4th rnd (0) times more, then every 6th rnd (8) times (210) sts.

So am I to knit the increase rnd and continue to knit in pattern for 3 rnds and increase (0) times on the 4th rnd and knit in pattern 5 rnds and increase on the 6th round continue in pattern and increase again on the 6th rnd 8 times more?

I appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks in advance.


You’ve got it! :thumbsup:

Thanks so much Ingrid for your help :heart:

Amy :smiley: