HELP with inserting needle to frog...please

I’ve watched the video but I’m still unsure of where the needle should insert when knit - purl stitches are next to each other. I know it says right side & front to back but does anyone know where I might see a pic of this being done that’s clearer?
Thanks, (((HUGS))) Verna
I just changed my mind about a scarf I’m making after knitting 6 rows that I don’t like a third of a way into it! Should have left well enough alone.

If you’re going to rip several rows, just take the needle out, then insert the needle however you can as you take out one more row stitch by stitch. Some of the sts may be twisted, but you can turn them whem you reknit that row. These pictures at the Lion learn to knit pages should help you see how the stitch should lay over the needle correctly.