Help with increasing size of an afghan pattern

I finished knitting a cable afghan that started with the following:

Cast on 112 sts. Knit in garter st for 8 rows, increasing 12 sts evenly across last row. Each cable panel is 16 sts. If I wanted to add 2 more cable panels how many stitches would I need to cast on? And how many more stitches would I have to add before starting the body of the afghan?

This is difficult for me to figure out, especially with the “increasing stitches evenly across last row”. Does anyone have some tips for me??


It’s an estimate but you could try casting on 141sts and increase 15sts over the last garter stitch row. Increases should be spaced approximately evenly. They don’t have to be precisely equidistant.
That’ll give you a total of 156sts or 2 cable panels worth more (124+32=156sts for the pattern).

Thanks salmonmac!!! I can usually figure how many stitches to add but this one had me stumped! Is there some kind of “formula” I can use for next time??

You’re the best,

Well, I can tell you what I thought.
The pattern ends up with 124sts and you want to add 16x2 so you want to end with 156sts. The pattern increases by about 10% of the final count (12 of 124) so that would be ~15 of 156 for your modification. That means casting on 141sts. It should work.

I have yet to figure out WHY they have you cast on a smaller amount and then add more stitches later. Does it make any difference if I just cast on the larger amount right at the beginning? That would make the whole thing a LOT simpler.

What do you think??

It’s because the cables pull in the knit fabric. If you cast on the full amount to begin with, the afghan will narrow down when you’ve knit the cables and the border will then seem to flare out.