Help with increasing in rib


I am working on rowan cradle in small and needs some help already!

I have completed 11 rows in rib with the rib being made up of three knit three purl having cast on 39 stitches.

The pattern now says
Row 12. Rib 2, m1, 7 times, rib 2. 54 sts.

I think rib 2 means just two stitches then increase one? But if I only do this 7 times I can’t see how I get from 39 to 54 stitches in one row?

Can anyone help? I am sure I am just missing something obvious.


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Can you quote the row exactly with parentheses etc?
I don’t see how that will get you to 54sts but I don’t see any problems noted on the Ravelry page either.

If nothing else, you can check the number of sts required for the next row and increase to that number, whatever it is.


Row 12 (WS): Rib 2 (1:2:2:3), m1, (rib 2, m1, rib 3, m1) 7 (8:9:10:11) times, rib 2 (2:2:3:3). 54 (60:68:76:84) Sts.

Then it goes on Into the pattern for cable which does also show 54 stitches for small.

How are you doing the M1? M1 does not use a stitch it is made by picking up the yarn between two stitches.

Yes that’s the method I’m using.

What confuses me is that if I rib two stitches, increase a stitch and repeat that seven times I only add 7 stitches to the row and all near the start of the row. So I must be reading this wrong.

This is the hardest pattern I’ve attempted but it’s a shame to be stuck so soon!

(WS): Rib 2 (1:2:2:3), m1, (rib 2, m1, rib 3, m1) 7 (8:9:10:11) times, rib 2 (2:2:3:3). 54
Rib 2 M1 (rib 2 M1, rib 3 M1) do what is in ( ) 7 times
The M1 in the ( ) will add 14 stitches and the one M1 at the beginning gives you the 15 stitches to get from 39 to 54.

Ah! Amazing thanks!