Help with increasing in cable pattern

:grphug: hi guys…im new on here so I’ll say hello
Anyway im currently knitting a Patons Decor Crewneck sweater pattern and have got along fine until ive come to the sleeves. The pattern reads as follows:-
With smaller needles cast on 62 sts.
Work 1½ ins [3 cm] in (K2. P2) ribbing as given for Back ending on a 2nd row and inc 19 sts evenly across last row. 81 sts.
Change to larger needles and proceed as follows:
1st row: (RS). P2. (K3. P2) twice. Work 1st row of Panel Pat B. P2. K3. P2. Work 1st row of Panel Pat C. P2. K3. P2. Work 1st row of Panel Pat B. (P2. K3) twice. P2.
2nd row: K2. (P3. K2) twice. Work 2nd row of Panel Pat B. K2. P3. K2. Work 2nd row of Panel Pat C. K2. P3. K2. Work 2nd row of Panel Pat B. (K2. P3) twice. K2.
Panel Pats are now in position.
Cont in pat, keeping cont of Panel Pats as placed in last 2 rows, inc 1 st each end of needle on next and every alt row to 91 (103-99-107) sts, then every following 4th row until there are 137 (143-143- 151) sts,[COLOR=“Purple”]taking inc sts into (K3. P2) pat.[/COLOR][/COLOR]

I dont quite understand the bit above in purple…does it mean i have to continue with just the k3,p2 increase? Surely the pattern needs to be incorporated into the increase somewhere?? Im so confused…Ive tinkered over it now for the last few days and just cant work it out…im confused because of the k3,p2 twice at beginning and end of each row???
can anybody help me please?

A very confused angie :muah:

The incs will be at the ends of the row which are in the k2 p3 ribbing stitches. When you add a new stitch work it on the following rows according to that ribbing pattern which would be to knit the knit sts and purl the purl sts. You probably won’t be adding any stitches to the cables themselves.

Yes, all the increases are going to be in the k3p2 pattern. I usually do this by increasing as a knit stitch and on the [I]next[/I] row, figuring out whether the pattern is up to a knit or a purl stitch. You can decide by looking at the stitches already on the needle and figuring out which will continue the sequence, a knit as part of the k3 or a purl as part of the p2.

Thanks guys…

very helpful…maybe I can now get this sweater finished!

Thanks again

angie :cheering: :grphug: