Help with increasing for hood

I’m almost finished with my first sweater, but I need a little help with the hood. This is what the pattern says:

From RS, pick up and k 44 sts evenly spaced around neck edge.
Next Row: K, inc 12 sts evenly spaced across row – 56 sts. Work in garter st for 8in. Bind off. Fold bound-off edge in half and seam for top of Hood.

I have my stitches picked up, and now I need to increase 12 st. How should I do this? Do I just use a yo or is there another way I should be doing it?


Unless you want the holes for a lacey effect, there are other ways to inc sts. Kfb, M1, KLL/KLR. Go to the Increase page under the Basic Techniques tab at the top of this page and several will be shown.

I looked at them but is there one in particular I should use or will any of them work?

You could use a standard kfb increase here but it is not my favorite because it leaves that little bar. A M1 picking up the strand between stitches would work, be sure if you pick it up from the front that you knit through the back loop to close the hole that wants to form. If you pick it from behind, knit it in front to close the hole as well. I would probably just do a simple backward loop increase myself. I read it forms a tiny hole, but I can’t say that I notice one.:shrug: I use this simple increase a lot and have good results with it.

You could make a swatch and try some different increases and see what you like. Just end up with the given number of stitches and you’re good to go. :thumbsup:

You can use any of them, just use the same one. Merigold’s suggestion of trying it out first to see which you prefer is a good one. There’s not many `shoulds’ in knitting, only what works for you.