Help with Increasing for Hat Pattern


Okay, so I’m a fairly new knitter and I’ve been working on this hat pattern that requires an increase, but I’m having some trouble getting it right. Before adding the increase, I have casted on 56 sts and worked a couple of rows. Then pattern reads: K1. Inc 1 st in the next st. Rep from * around. 84 sts.

My first attempt, I tried K1, then I increased off of that stitch, did another knit stitch and so on and I ended up with +100 stitches. That was obviously wrong. I re-read the pattern and I tried K1, then I did another knit stitch and followed that with an increase, but I ended up with 83 stitches, instead of 84. I can’t add an increase on the last stitch, can I?

What am I doing wrong?



Yes you can have an inc in the last stitch. The way I would read this is to repeat ‘k1, kfb’ all the way around. That should work out right.

Thanks so much. 84 stitches!