Help with increases

Hi. I am designing a rasta hat for a friend with lots of hair. I want to k2,p2 the whole pattern so I can add jogless stripes. How would I gradually increase this hat? I have studied the videos on this site. Do I need to place the increases where I knit a new color row? Does anyone understand what I am trying to say?:muah:

there are lots of ways to increase in ribbing.

None that are invisible.

which increase style should you use?

well the increases need to be a basic element of the design.

you can start with a 2 X 2 rib, and slowly (or quickly) increase to a 3X 3 rib, or a 4(knits) X2 (purl) rib.

you can ‘grow branches’ from a main rib (and have more sets of 2 X2 ribs.

you can start out with a tight rib (say on a size 5 needle and worsted yarn) and grow by changing needle sizes (to a size 6, then to a size 7)

I can design hats. YOU can design hats. but you have to do the work.

i frequently knit a concept 3 or 4 times before i ‘get’ it the way i want it… the "interium’ designs might be pretty, (even very pretty) but aren’t what I WANT…

the only way to decide what you want is for you to decide–and to knit it…

and if it doesn’t work (or doesn’t turn out as you hoped even though other like it) knit again.

the world can always use another hat!

You really helped and inspired me. :knitting: