Help with increases, please

I’m working on this pattern: for a size 36. (Linked to here because this is supposed to be the updated version.)

I cast on 92 sts and increased per the directions. Now it’s saying I should have 180 stitches on my needle. However, any way I count this, it adds up to 188 (that’s 8 inc per row 12 times, 92 + 96 = 188). What am I missing?

Can someone help unconfuse me, please?

Since you’ve got exactly 8 sts more and this type of pattern incs 8 sts every other row, you probably did one extra increase round. Instead of doing it ‘a total of’ 10 times, and doing it 12 times would be too many. So go back to the last increase row and take it out so theres 190 sts.

Will try that. Thanks.

Yes, you actually only want 11 increase rows: the repeat a [I]total[/I] of 10 times and then one more increase row for 88sts increased or a total of 180sts.

Thanks! I can’t tell you how many times I read that stupid pattern and missed that! Anyway, I don’t think it’s really a huge enough deal to rip it out. If I find the button flap is too big, I’ll just close it up a little. The main thing is that I get the numbers right after the next barrage of increases.

I appreciate the extra eyes and wisdom of you folks so much!!